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Mauro Perucchetti


Pop artist for the 21st Century, Mauro Perucchetti addresses pressing societal issues and conveys the pulse of contemporary culture: Barbie, Sex and the City, and the global economy have all found their way into his artwork. For instance, the birth of Dolly, the first cloned animal, and the ensuing debate over the ethics of cloning, prompted him to create “Jelly Babies”, figurines bearing resemblance to the Pillsbury Doughboy that serve as a metaphor for cloned human beings. Like Andy WarholJeff Koons, and Piero Manzoni, whom his work playfully references, Peruchetti uses bright colours, recognizable shapes, and smooth shiny surfaces to entice his viewers. Perucchetti has worked with diverse materials, ranging from Swarovski crystals to steel, but over five years developing his technique of working with pigmented resin has made it his signature.

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