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Marc Quinn


Leading British contemporary artist Marc Quinn's work include sculpture, installations, painting and prints exploring themes around the human body, mortality, beauty, science and time. He rose to prominence in 1991 with his controversial sculpture of self, a life size cast of his  head made from his own frozen blood, a self-portrait both in appearance and in material.

Other critically acclaimed work include DNA Portrait of Sir John Sulston (2001), a genomic portrait of the famous genetic scientist, and Allison Lapper Pregnant (2005), a large scale marble statue of he heavily pregnant Ms Lapper, famously exhibited on the Fourth Plinth of London's Trafalgar Sq and later reinvented as an inflatable sculpture Breath (2010) for the London Olympic Games.

He has also received recognition for his sculptures of Kate Moss in a variety of Yoga poses. Although perhaps best known for his sculptures, he is also known for his hyperrealist images of irises and flowers. 

He has exhibited world-wide including the Tate, London; MoMa, New York, and Somerset House, London.

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